am i autistic.

i don’t want to self diagnose but i feel it that maybe something is different about me and it’s not in a good way.

when i was five i would spend hours a day copying wikipedia information about my favorite anime characters onto paper so i would have it for reference. i would be stuck for hours thinking about the same interesting thing to me without being able to talk about anything else. i would hyperfixate on things for months at a time before completely dropping them. soapmaking. criminal minds. reading. i couldn’t talk to people without sounding rude or being too quiet and i didn’t understand why i was in the wrong. i would choose books, youtube, a world inside over anything else. i was labeled a gifted child in school (which is society’s way of saying i was a different type of special needs) i take screening tests that say i’m likely to have autism. but i don’t want to say that to my parents because i know they’ll believe i’m trying to say my brain is worse off even though i know that autism isn’t “worse” or better than being neurotypical. i don’t know what to do alone.

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any way you can ask your gp (family doctor) for a diagnosis? if you know their name + the number for their office you can probably book an appointment yourself, just say something like "hi my name is ___ and i'd like to book an appointment with ___", if they ask what for say it's relating to mental health. you can tell your family you booked a checkup and that you need a ride there.

also, make a list of any symptoms and how they relate to autism and/or how they affect you. (social interaction and schoolwork are typically ones they wonder about), when the appointment comes say you'd like a formal assessment/diagnosis and show them the list.

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---also, i was told that screening test results actually get you a diagnosis faster, so save the ones you took.

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