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Cognitive Development | Careienne

Hello girls, guys, and pals! It's your favorite blogger that is not a husband stealer!!! AKA Careienne! I am here to update y'all about little pure sweet adorable Lakynn. 

She has definitely been growing a lot lately and her development is CRAAAAZY off the charts! Way ahead of the game.

For instance, she showed progress in the sensorimotor stage when she started playing with her blocks. She would stack them and knock them over repetitively. 

Then, I just knew she had already advanced to the preoperational stage when she started to play pretend! The only issue is she pretends she's a vampire and her forbidden lover, Edward, is trapped away???!! I quickly shut that down and she has since resorted to saying she is a princess and "ruling" over her stuffed animals. Another reason to believe that she was here is her lack of a theory of mind. Theory of mind is the ability to take on another person's point of view, even if the child is not experiencing what they are. For instance, Lakynn had a hard time empathizing when her friend got hit in the fact with a soccer ball. (Thank and praise the Lord for the fact that the ball hit her friend and not her!) She could not understand the pain her friend was going through since it didn't happen to her.

Afterward, she began doing math facts at school-- showing progress in the concrete operational chunk of development. She still counted on her fingers for some problems but was able to solve most of them. (Not like her peers could do the same!) 

Lately, she has shown interest in completing voluntary brain teasers at school for extra credit in her classes. I am sure this means she has passed all of the previous stages and has now entered the formal operational one. This morning she even told me she prefers the see the glass half full. She is able to think about a hypothetical situation and understand the metaphorical version of it with optimism and pessimism. She also went on to mention that another friend of hers sees the glass half empty and said she understood why--he has a hard time in school so it makes sense that he has less optimism. Putting herself in other people's shoes is a clear finish line in developing the theory of mind AKA formal operational stage evidence!

My little sweetie is so special. I am in the process of enrolling her in Little Einstein's Charter School.

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