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Hello. Again.

I am writing this as I know Careienne will not be honest with herself or her audience if she writes this on her own.

Per research, I would categorize her parenting style as authoritarian. Growing up with permissive parents, Careienne is trying her best to give our daughter the opposite experience. I am now realizing she is going too far, though, as she will lay down strict rules with no explanation. Lakynn is growing older and, no surprise, is beginning to question these rules. Much to her dismay, her mother is very reluctant to do so. Instead, her quickest response is "because I told you so."

I believe I would have followed the same route had I not met Jerry Russo a few weeks ago. 

Alongside Jerry, I've come to see the benefits of treating my children as equals and explaining the rules I enforce to them. (He has three children from a previous marriage, so he is far more experienced than I am.) With this being said, I would say that I am authoritative when it comes to my parenting style. If Jerry were to ever be introduced to Lakynn, he would be the same. He tells me that he feels children will only understand if you respect them back in the same way they should respect you.

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