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i'm dying

so. my mom agreed to take in two chickens from her friend.
i already own eight pet chickens so this isn't the most what-the-fuck moment in the world. but what the fuck? i love chickens, i really do i adore my chickens and i read about chickens all the time, but i would say that's like if you knew someone with a pet snake so you got a random wild snake and gave it to them with no warning. i did get a warning a day ahead i suppose, but i told her i didn't want them and she refused to be straight with me on whether or not she was actually taking them until when her friend said she was going to take them now.
chickens are actually really huge on social structure, so introducing new chickens is a bit of a disaster. like, i got three new chickens after one of my first six died and that was fine but it was because i was prepared for more chickens so i could plan ahead on where to keep them and how to introduce them to each other, and the fact they were babies so i knew for sure that they didn't carry any illnesses or parasites that they could afflict my other chickens with. but this is someone else's random adult chickens that aren't familiar with me or the house/yard so they're very aggressive and who knows what they could have, i can't even give them a look over because of said aggressiveness.
plus, i have no place to put them besides the cramped little crate the friend brought the chickens in. i feel extremely bad having them there, but the only other option before i know whether or not they're safe to make contact with my chickens is the bigger crate i have but it's really dirty and wet but it's raining so i can't dry it unless i bring it inside but it's again, big, and it smells HORRIFIC also it's heavy and i'm weak as hell so it's a struggle for me to do anything with it
i'm just so frustrated and stressed to top it all off, my mom (and none of my other family which i live with aside from my dad. who is gone for two weeks) take any care of my chickens whatsoever, so it's just going to be me myself dealing with this. in fact my mom refused to let my chickens out of their coop this morning just because she didn't feel like it and intentionally left before her friend would come to bring them? she's like this with everything, my cat and one of my dogs are a product of her randomly taking animals home. then she proceeds not to take care of them, she just assumes everyone else will. it's not that she's busy, she just doesn't want to. i swear she has like a savior complex or something but she doesn't care about them after she feels like she accomplished rescuing them
the last thing i want to do is mistreat these chickens at all but i don't know what to do my head might just explode

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