WOAH!!! I haven't been on here for most of 2022...Here I am!! I'm ready for an exciting summer...here are tha deetz for my life!!!

  First of all...I've graduated highschool!! In may, I get my diploma. I had just graduated early and don't have to go. I've been having some lows to being out of school, however, it's still good when I wanna have fun. The week days and weekends feel the same as they did when I was in school. Like Monday is depressing and grey still and the weekends are tha party dayz...

  I've had ARTPOP by Lady Gaga on REPEAT!!!! I love her so much, I've come to love her. "She is me, I am her..."

She gets me. I relate to her. With this love of music I've also come to realize I am...not str8. But no labels allowed. I just wanna "be wild have fun". I'm not a girl that is like, "I am gay cause its cool to be gay". I'm just freeing myself. I like the minimum because with the minimum of earth, yet, there's still so much.

Anyway, that's all my update for now....yayyy

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