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call me when you're better

hi everyone. its been a minute since i've posted so here's a blog moment to update. um. not much. i've been working full time now, for now at least. maybe until summer, i'll go part time then maybe. anyways. ive dyed my hair. new color. its blue! my bangs are at least. the black of my hair is... not too black. i need to get one of those color conditioner bottles. you know what i mean? feeling a little lonely i guess. i mean, i see people every day and talk to someone eeeevery day. but i don't really seem to have a lot of friends recently. close friends i should say. nobody wants to just, talk to me. idk. i wish people would approach me more often for conversation. i'm sad because some of my friends think i'm scary, i'm just a little puppy dog though. hmm. anyways. i got a chapter of one of my fics done, i wanna start on this new one soon. not gonna talk too much about it. but if you're dying to know i'll tell. that's all for now i think. byebye. 

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