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Lakynn's Attachments | Bob

Hello. It's Bob. 

As per the custody agreement, I am here to document Lakynn and her development.

First of all, she has finally started to show habituation toward her tutu. At first, she would refuse to wear it after I put it on her. She would cry and attempt to rip it off with her hands. After a few more attempts, she ceased this reaction. She barely pays any attention to it now.

Lakynn has also shown signs of stranger anxiety. When my mother has come to visit us together, Lakynn will cry when I hand her to her. It's like she throws a fit over not being able to stay in my arms. As of this week, she has also seemed to overcome it, at least with my mother, as she no longer cries in her arms.

After looking into Harry Harlow, I have decided that I will begin to initiate more skin-to-skin contact with her while doing simple things like reading or taking a nap. Carienne has informed me that it can aid her development and also strengthen our attachment/relationship with each other for the future. 

One last thing. Based off of my research, Lakynn has a secure attachment style. I know because she will cry and wail if I leave a room to grab something quickly. Once I come back and pick her up, she will go silent and grasp onto my palm.

That is all.

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