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Lakynn's Milestones (Maturation)

As Layknn grows older, I will continue to update this post with her milestones. I'm especially looking for her walking and her first words!

Two months: she held her head up all by herself! I didn't even have to support her! I'm sure this is definitely quicker than the average baby. Lakynn is sure to be a genius!

Seven months: I was in the bathroom when Bob shouted that Lakynn was sitting up on her own! I am so furious that I had missed it. As a result, I have reminded myself that my motherly duties come before my own needs, even bathroom ones. I'm sure all of the other mothers on those mother forums just put themselves before their children again and again; I am determined to break apart from that trend!

Nine months: According to my research, Lakynn should be crawling by now. However, she is still yet to crawl at all. She has done something even better: rolling. She will roll on the floor whenever she gets the chance to. I have not seen any mother in my neighborhood post about their baby rolling! Only crawling! My Lakynn is ahead of her time. 

Twelve months: Lakynn took her FIRST STEPS!

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