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Entry #023 - I Miss Myspace

Like, I'm thrilled that so many teens and young folks seem to have found enjoyment and community here on Spacehey, but not all of them understand that this site is nothing like OG Myspace at all lol.

The profile layouts and whatnot are similar, but it's hard to describe what Myspace was actually like back in the day unless you were there to experience it firsthand during its prime. 

Myspace opened doors to help me find myself and find community. I was so hesitant to leave Myspace when all of my friends migrated to Facebook (presumably because it seemed more "mature" and grown) but I eventually gave up by 2011 and closed my account.

We all let Tom down. RIP.

Also, RIP to the virtual pet raccoon I had on there too?? You could add games onto your profile, and every day I'd get online to feed and interact with my raccoon LOL.

The very last song I remember having embedded on my Myspace was "Paralyzer" by Finger Eleven. It's far less edgy than some of the other stuff I was into back then lol.

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January 27, 2023

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