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Research :) (Prenatal Development)

Bob's working late RN. We got into a teeny tiny argument, so he decided to stay and work overtime. Being the perfect housewife I am, I have already cleaned the entire area of the house and dinner is cooking in the oven. SO.....


For my baby of course! I'm here to share my newfound knowledge with all of you!

Right now, my little sweetheart is in the zygote stage. During this stage, they are simply a fertilized egg cell. After fertilization, cleavage occurs. Cleavage is the process where mitotic divisions happen in order to produce more cells that become a ball, known as a morula. Morula then changes into a blastocyst. In nine days (10 total), the germinal stage should be completed since the blastocyst show them to attach to the wall of my uterus (GROSS!) through implantation!

Once my baby is attached to that wall, I read that the embryonic stage will begin. This stage allows them to develop into an actual little human! You see, the little organs and placenta cells begin to develop and they even begin to transfer the nutrients and oxygen that I consume to the tiny angel. The brain also begins to grow here; it's usually the midbrain, forebrain, and hindbrain that have the most growth. Mitosis also allows the embryo to grow bigger in size and complexity as well.

After nine weeks of that, the baby will enter the fetal stage. They will have their own stomach developed and can now recognize MY voice!! Isn't that insane??!! The organs are still not fully developed here though-- it usually takes the entire duration of this stage for them to finally be 100%. This is when I can find out the gender and throw a reveal party!! 

I also learned teratogens are any substance that can be harmful for the baby. These are usually drugs or even simple things, like caffeine from coffee. I'll make sure to stay away from that for the time being.

AAAAH! I'm so excited! I already signed up for Mommy and Me classes!

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