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three days grace O_O

i just learned they're going on tour and one of the concerts will be near me! it'll be more like... an hour away actually, but i can still do that. i've loved their music since i was a kid i was obsessed and i love concerts in general so they're one of the bands i always wished i could see in person so i'm really excited...
i like going to concerts in general, even if i'm not interested in the artist but obviously it's a lot more fun if i do. here's all the concerts i can remember that i've gone to in chronological order:

  • one direction (my first concert... and then they broke up)
  • ariana grande
  • harry styles (my qpp joined me in this one! only on call because they don't live near me, but i was still so happy. it's a really good memory for me)
  • shinedown (badflower opened for them so i checked them out and they become one of my favorite bands after this)
  • blink-182 x lil wayne
  • pitbull
  • the jonas brothers (i was only there for like 30 minutes ^^' i had free tickets but i'm not actually a fan and i got bored)
  • my chemical romance

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