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im so over shit im ready to just go crash and sleep all day

so we got a letter yesterday saying our rent is getting increased again. fucking shit just won't quit. and tomorrow is our anniversary and we can't do shit for it. i'm so tired of forgetting important dates and shit. i'm just over everything. at this point idk what to do. i want to move out of state at this point but i know it'll be a huge hassle so idk. was thinking maybe we could move closer to his dad since they're close. my mom didn't seem to mind so that's that but the problem i have to clear it with housing and THEN this place. can't remeber which i have to notify first but yeah and THEN we have to find a place that will take said voucher before the time expires here. and if we don't we're out of a place to live and out of a voucher.

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yeah I'm sorry. :( you didn't forget our anniversary at least, I just wish we could do more but slave-wage-mart made absolutely fucking sure it wasn't happening, go figure.

on moving, I mean I guess we could move. if anyone's willing to help us move out of here anyway, that is.

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yeah i get it and yeah as for moving that's the other hassle. trying to get help to move us

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yeah :( well there's always next month at least. and still have to find a way to get all my stuff anyway so there's that too. :(

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