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okay, the music on profile thing genuinely is seriously such a life changer. i just leave my profile open in another tab and listen to it while i'm on here. it's shiksha by say anything which is my second favorite song from them, my #1 is actually alive with the glory of love but it's TOO good. it makes me emotional so i can't just casually have it on there...

my favorite artist of all time though is 虻瀬犬/abuseken i love literally every song he's made. aside from the fact i like the sound of music he makes, i feel like i share really similar worldviews and values with him which is why what he makes connects with me so much. i don't like to idolize people i've never met before because i feel absurdly conscious about the fact that people are just people but i can't help but be like "i wish we could be friends" or just have a conversation or something, if i'm remembering right i think he's my age/extremely close to my age too which is crazy

enough gushing though, my absolute favorite song from him is 太陽様 (taiyousama) it has a creepy tone and it's about cannibalism it's actually pretty interesting. a couple of the songs in the same album are connected with a story, though i'm not sure if this is one of them.

some other songs i like....

i saw by young fathers

the common cold by the paper chase

soul in my body by pinc louds

ted bundy by s0cliché

アンノウン・マザーグース by wowaka

teardrops by bring me the horizon

something in your mouth by nickelback

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