ART CLASS WAS ACTUALLY SO FUN TODAY!!! I was worried that it would all just be boring super hyper realistic still life stuff. Well, yeah, we did do some still life stuff but we learned like different sketching methods, I think it was called gesture art or something. We also did portraits of each other. I kinda like drawing portraits. Also I think I made a friend? Its some guy that sits near me in art and we also have english together. I can't hear him a lot of the time cos either he talks all quiet or I'm losing my hearing. He says he plays drums and guitar which is cool. I dunno I kinda feel iffy about him but I've felt that way towards cis guy musicians since my ex LOL. He's also in my group for the museum assignment. Anyway, I'm gonna make myself something to eat and watch invader zim :p, maybe I'll doodle after I eat.

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