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spanish + japanese similarities

there’s no actual relation between japanese and spanish even if japanese’s ancestry has yet to be definitively identified there’s absolutely no way japanese relates to a romance language, but there are a few things they have in common i’ve noticed since they’re the two i know the best which I think is fun

  • word for bread: pan and パン(pan)
  • word for see: mirar and 見る(miru)
  • word for english*: inglés and イギリス(igirisu)
  • generally share near identical vowel sounds
  • not really an example but “ya mero” and “やめろ” which mean different things (“almost” and “stop”) but they sound the exact same which can be funny to hear sometimes

*the english language for spanish, the u.k. for japanese

edit: i don't know why i said it can mean an english person in japanese it doesn't it's just the u.k. TwT it was 3 am... i was thinking of イギリス人 but that's with the addition of 人 not  イギリス on it's own

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jess 𖤐

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You speak Japanese too? I haven’t seen anyone else that speaks it on here! 初めまして <3

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yeah! i’m not the best but i’m learning :)

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wow this is kinda cool because im a spanish learner while also teaching myself japanese :0 english is my native language lol

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