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social media plagues me

in october i decide i wanted to use social media outside of just making posts and i was successful at this but for whatever reason in december i gradually went back into it and i'm like ugh. how do i actually successfully get away from this. i was thinking about it because using this site reminded me like hey, what if i replace other things with this? but even if this is less harmful it's still basically another social media addiction and i just want to be online less

my main block from the old tale of going outside is i'm basically home bound so there's nothing i can really do besides spending my time online in a more healthy manner

i remember what i did the first time so i can do it again, it wasn't hard at all either, but i feel silly for falling back into it at all. it's not like my goal is even being totally offline, it's just i don't want to waste hours being fed things through an algorithm and stimulated like a little lab rat

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