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i don't want to wait around

does anyone else just want to find "the one" and be done already?

i have no energy to go on dates with people who will disappoint me. to waste time on pointless interactions. i just want to meet the person whom i will marry and begin building something with them. the person who awakens and nurtures the deeper parts of me. i value my time, security, love, comfort.]

i firmly believe that i will find this person by chance when i am ready, but i get impatient. sometimes i wonder, i will be able to sleep better when i have someone sleeping by my side, i will be able to stave off the paranoia and caution if i have someone reliable looking out for me. i know a lot of this stuff has to do with inner work, but at the same time, our lives, our species is supposed to make connections with others, there's an underlying biological need, and evolutionary of course, that makes me think i cannot live without this someone, not to the fullest at least. 

i am sick of feeding myself love songs and poems to fill the void. soulmate find me already, damn you! 

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i too would love to find “the one” but i’m scared of being disappointed or being hurt again x_x sometimes i feel like i’m better off just enjoying and loving myself rather than be with someone ..

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