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introductions due

here's a little bio thing since (at least right now) i like keeping my actual profile short and sweet

i'm so autism and i love yugioh (all of them), kingdom hearts, brain development, chickens and linguistics very much currently yugioh has full ownership of me right now i like other things too though i like to talk about these the most

my favorite yugioh series is a tie between zexal and sevens but i love them all

i'm a silly mexican very important. i miss mexico all the time u_u

i'm an adult, i'm okay with interacting with minors as long as you don't make any sexual comments (even as jokes, i will block you)

i don't have a "dni" i will just block if i don't want to interact with you i encourage you to do the same (i am sooo trigger happy with the block button do not take it personally)

also i am yuri from yugioh arc v so real

more tba maybe? i forgot what there is to say i-d-k let's just have a good time

here is my pet dragon :)

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OOOH another yugioh Fan!!! My faves gotta be Zexal And GX (=^ ◡ ^=)

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hell yeah! funny enough i was rewatching a couple episodes of gx today

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