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i signed up and spent like four consecutive hours just surfing around the site and then working on my profile's layout... which i want to add more to but i'm still happy i did as much ^^

i loved forums when i was younger, particularly this one warrior cats roleplaying forum. i was fucking enthralled i didn't even roleplay warrior cats on there all that much it was a lot of anime. (anime not in the sense of a specific anime but... japanese ocs....? i suppose? the idea was more like that of "a world + plot + characters that would be seen in an anime" than anything else though it certainly sounds weird when i am recalling it)

it seems i am riding that high again... also that of early deviantart in a sense. imagine how shocked i was to randomly look at deviantart for the first time in a million years and see it has removed all the customization and looks like someone shaved it and put a suit over it. awful.

even if this website isn't that popular or anything, that also means less money hungry company moves so i much prefer it that way. i've felt very happy using this site.

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