Wrapped In Patchwork

This is totally at random, but a thought hit me at work and I knew I couldn't let it go to waste. You know those seemingly familiar images you have in your mind? Or when you start something new and you know exactly what to do, because you've done it before, but you never actually have? I think its because you have lived it before, because why shouldn't you recycle a soul? juast wipe the memory, but not totally. That's you, and me. Unless you're completely new, why shouldn't you feel what you have rightfully lived?

It takes you back doesn't it? Anyways this one is for someone who I know is going to stick around. When I met them the first thing they said to me was along the lines of: "Do you know where you're going?" and I had replied: "Absolutely not." XD We were trying to find the end of the line at MyChem concert, naturally. I think them and the other Chris were probably the first to know about my other projects, and of course, this one is going to be surprise. I cant wait to see where we go <33 


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