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Horse transportation

I have been thinking about horses in a swimming pool and however will they transport ( across the motor way I imagine) the horses while in the pool? 

In my head a devised a contraption to lift the pool from out the ground to a truck to carry across the mortar way. But it did occur to me that the pool is too big (I imagine this pool is the size big enough for the horses to have fun but not be enough for shenanigans) for the mortar way. So then I think 2 helicopters to carry the horse pool but then that ruins the journey of the mortar way, and it makes the mortar way dwellers upset. So I was really bothered and stuck, until I had an idea - you can take the horses out of the pool ! ! 

Goodness gracious! ! ! 

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How do you even get horses into the pool at the first place?
Can horses even swim or is this like a standing depth horse pool

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They spawned there. They live in the pool. Through the good times and other good times. It is their home.

by Frank; ; Report

I see, so if it is their home, why would you want to take them out of there?

by Cannico; ; Report

To transport them

by Frank; ; Report

Where to? A new pool?

by Cannico; ; Report

The mortar way as I imagine

by Frank; ; Report

The mortar way....?

by Cannico; ; Report

Indeed, the way of the motor

by Frank; ; Report

Ahhhh i see. Now i get it (?)

by Cannico; ; Report