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SpaceHey and Accessibility

The scenemo cultural rivival on this website is fantastic and brings me a lot of joy. However, I am a bit sad to see aesthetics sometimes prioritized over legibility and accessibility. A lot of layouts are difficult if not impossible to read and bursting with bright, flashing, looping GIFs.

This is not to attack anyone or proclaim ill intent on behalf of those who integrate these designs into their profiles. I have a few animated stamps on my page, myself.

As for more extreme examples, I understand the appeal; the dadaist absurdity of it all is fascinating. But in the interest of extending a hand to my disabled siblings, I offer a resource for turning off autoplay of GIFs in Chrome and Firefox.

I wish there was some sort of code for a cute little button that says "Freeze!" or something that would stop all GIFs on a page, because I would love that for my own profile. In the meantime, here's a GIF-pausing extension for Chrome and another for Firefox.

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That resource is really helpful!! I can see how some layouts can be really bad for those with photosensitivities. Thank you for sharing it!!

Like, even as someone who’s abled/neurotypical a lot of it can give me a headache. I stripped down a lot for my own layout since the animations made me feel dizzy. it’s definitely out of fun and not nefarious like you said- people can’t see from the lens of others. Im constantly asking a friend of mine who currently has sight problems what things look like to her, because I cannot imagine how certain things would affect her. (She’s probably annoyed with me by now but she does the same to me since I have synesthesia so like lolz)

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No problem. Happy to hear you're looking out for your friend and vice versa. :^)

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