Another health update

Saw the neurologist again for another follow-up, she officially diagnosed me with migraines (as if we didn't already know that smh). However she refused to discuss ANY of the bloodwork results because she technically wasn't the one who ordered them... grr. She told me to see my primary doc and the endocrinologist and talk to them about the bloodwork.

So the appointment was basically a waste of time and a "congrats, you have migraines". I guess that's what I get for seeing a resident instead of an actual doctor. The good thing is she graduates in June so I won't be seeing her for much longer.

Oh, another piece of good news (sort of), I finally got a period! This is the first real one I've gotten in like, more than a year at this point. I forgot how much they suck lol. Bad news is this morning I debated going to the ER (again) because the cramps were EXCRUCIATING. My mom joked that I sounded like I was in labor when I was on the phone with her. Obviously I've never given birth but I can imagine that's what it feels like. That lasted about an half and a half, then I took pain meds and a Benadryl and went to sleep lol.

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