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Im Not A Narcissist >:p

lol i realy like taking selfies but only cause i like playing with cute filters. i mess around with all the filters and find new ones like on snapchat or Instagram, i take pics like from like above my head like its 2005, i was like one, i dont know what im talking about. i feel narcissistic taking A LOT of pics, but i dont even like how i look unless my hair is flat not fluffy like it is all the time.

am i a narcissist for liking the way i look sometimes

no, but i am one cause im better then everyone /j

i pretended to be a narcissist as a joke one time; saying im 'gods' favorite or im litterly a god, im hot asf. then i started to saying unironically so i stopped

i also used to fuck around with make up all the time even though i never left my bed, i had some pretty good looks but ill post them then imidatly delete them like an idiot, i hate having crippling anxiety

anyways ill keep taking 20 pics in one day and never post them publicly like a loser :p

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