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Urusei yatsura 2022 my beloved

never thought id like urusei yatsura half as much as I do lmao. I started watching it feeling like I kinda had to, considering how impactful it was. Now its one of my fav anime tbh, and I don't even like romance. All I'd ever seen of it was some blue haired girl in a bikini doing wacky poses and I totally thought it'd be some trashy harem but its genuinely funny. It doesn't rely on character archetypes and overdone tropes, instead using it's own fleshed out characters and world(y'know... like an actual comedy), kinda a given tho considering its the story that made a lot of these tropes. The characters are all really well written too. Its so nice to see female characters genuinely being friends and hanging out(HarryPotter could never), like sakura genuinely cares about other characters as the school nurse. Lum is so drippy, wish I had her wardrobe so bad... 

I'm not sure if seeing some teenager in a bikini doing wack poses will ever not feel sus to me but I enjoy the anime too much to let it get to me. Also Ton is gay don't let the media tell you otherwise.

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YESSSS URUSEI YATSURA IS SO GOOD!! + this art is so cute!!!

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