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I swear, y'all in the Mario 64 community are just making shit up at this point.

Watching a five hour documentary on the "A Button Challenge". The idea is to beat the game with as few A button presses as possible. A simple concept. Of course, the Mario 64 community being the Mario 64 community, it did not stay a simple concept for long.

Like, what even are half of these techniques? Goomba bridges? HOLP? Parallel Universes? Cloning? Guys once found a technique that involved 14 hours of swimming back and forth to make water go really high. 14 hours to save like, one A press.

I gotta say, I'm impressed by the dedication. Absolutely insane, the lengths people will go to beat the funny plumber game in like, the least efficient manner. 10/10

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Speedrunners are fucking insane in the best way lmao

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ignore this comment, Im just looking at the style of replies on this blog

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right??? god forbid anybody just has fun playing the game as it is, because apparently we have to dissect it into a billion pieces. no shade on people who do this shit and TAS and stuff, it's just really goddamn funny, and pretty creative if anything. half an A-press indeed...

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There's a speedrun for Twilight Princess called low% that takes like, several days to complete because it involves getting as few items as possible.

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