Last two blood tests came back!

As the title says, the last two results came back. They came back normal. But what I want to rant a little about is that we actually found out that when my GI doc had me do bloodwork TWO YEARS AGO, several of my markers came back abnormal, and NOBODY thought to say anything to us. Past blood results show that those abnormalities have been steadily becoming more severe over the past two years.

In my most recent appointment with the neurosurgeon, there's a note in the after-visit summary that my blood pressure was -- and again, nobody told us. Like, I feel like these would've been important things to know to get checked out way earlier, BEFORE it got to the point of debilitating headaches that leave me writhing on the floor??? No? Sigh... 

Anyways, my next follow-up appointment with my neurologist is on Friday, so we'll see what she says about the blood results. 

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