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Today's Reading 07/11/2021

07 Nov 2021

Today I'll be using my Autobike deck.

Three of DiamondsQueen of SpadesFive of Clubs
My cards today are the Three of DiamondsQueen of Spades, and Five of Clubs.

Three of Diamonds
The Three of Diamonds is silent.

Queen of Spades
- Next to a Diamond (left): Unresolved disputes over a brunette woman. – Obstacles to your future success.
- Next to a Club (right): Obstacles caused by a young brunette woman, mostly but not exclusively about money.

Five of Clubs
The Five of Clubs is silent.

Not... entirely sure what to make of this, but I have some idea. I've been meaning to look into work, and I've been trying to work on myself in therapy, which will both involve confronting my mother on things I'd rather not talk about. (Don't worry, it's nothing terrible!)

Guess I'll be thinking about that.

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