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Meet my Decks

Last updated 07 02 2022 : New deck!

I collect cards and have had multiple decks since I was little. It's a favourite thing to be gifted, and if I see a deck I like, I'll buy it (or ask if I can have it, depending on the circumstances).

However, I only use a few for readings, so I figure it's worthy to attempt to document them and their personalities as I read with them.


Autobike (Box)Autobike (Back design)

I got Autobike at a Barnes & Noble when I was either in sophomore or junior year. It lives in my backpack, going with me basically wherever I go. Its box is a bit beaten up, so I've put some tape on it to keep it together. Some of the cards have started to get a little scuffed, too.

Autobike is pretty nice to most of my friends, however it's always been quite capricious with me. It doesn't sugarcoat anything and generally has a more powerful presence to me than any other deck I have (whether I use them for readings or not). I won't consider it wiser than any, but it's known me the longest of all the decks I read with, so I feel like I'm able to be more casual with it (even when it throws me off with the Nine of Spades).

Blue & Red

Blue (Back design)Red (Back design)

Blue & Red don't have an actual name. I got them in a dual pack at the dollar store in April 2021 to mark down silent cards and practice shuffling, but I do readings with Blue from time to time. Blue is the only deck I consider Jokers in, and has reversals marked for all court cards and aces (even the Ace of Diamonds, which has no reversal). I eventually decided Red should just be used for playing.

I can't speak on Blue's predictability as I've been neglecting it recently. It tends to be stubborn with me and I unfortunately have to rifle shuffle it because of the way it's been stored, but I'm not sure it minds as long as it's being used. I play card games with Autobike, but Blue has expressed interest in being used in card games, too, like its red twin.


MKR (Box casing)MKR (Box)MKR (Back design)

My friend got MKR for me after seeing what I think was an Ebay listing in early 2021. It's lived with me ever since, though it stays at my mother's house because the box is a bit harder to take around in a harsh environment such as my backpack. Some of the cards are ripped, but I have clear tape to fix this (they're made of a much weaker material than Autobike, and I'm not the most careful when I shuffle). I keep the note my friend sent with the cards in its box casing. It stays on my nightstand and sleeps next to my head.

MKR is much nicer to everyone, including me. However, it tends to speak more metaphorically (if you will) and often very bad omens are actually less worrisome than they seem. Its readings also tend to be more more instant, relating to something that's happening right now, happened within the week, or will happen within the week. I understand - I wouldn't want to tell someone they're going to die that quickly. Reversals are easy with MKR because the face of each card has a drawing that only has one orientation (same with the back design).

One particular thing to note is that whenever I'm finished with my daily reading, even if I don't have anything else to ask it (on my or anyone else's behalf), it always seems to want to stay out for a bit longer. I don't really have much of a problem with it, but the vibes it gives off are a bit disturbing sometimes.


Contraband (Box)Contraband (Back design)

I got Contraband at the same time as Autobike. At first I was going to keep him just for playing, but I figured I'd practice classic American cartomancy with him, instead. I might also opt for conservative British cartomancy as well.

I haven't used him much yet, so I can't tell you much about his personality.

At the moment, I'm not quite sure whether I'll use Contraband as often as MKR and Autobike - the two of them have an agreement with me, while Contraband is kind of new to that. I'm also using a different interpretation system with him that I'm going to have to learn, and I'll probably practice new spreads with him, too.


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iкe's кaleidоscоpe. ☆

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The Contraband deck is so so pretty, that ones gotta be my favorite

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this is really interesting, i just saw one of your readings and was interested in the link you put to your decks.

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