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row of houses

 today was nice. i had a slow morning, my last one for a while, and i put on lipstick. i wore my new sweater and bought a rotary cutter, finally starting on a quilt, something ive wanted to do for a very long time. im starting simple with just one big star in the middle and squares on the outside. i hope to one day make a really pretty folk style quilt with animals and stuff. if i ever have a kid i hope i have heirlooms to give them. people dont have enough nice lifetime-lasting heirlooms anymore. speaking of the plague of modern production i went to an urban outfitters for the first time in a very long time. (the whole crowd boos)

i got a pair of double knee carhartt type pants bc ive wanted them a very long time and there was only one pair and it happened to be my size so the universe simply wanted me to have them. also they were $20!!! i got a hat that matches my hair bc who can resist that (certainly not me) and a scarf bc it was $5 and was reaaallly big!  

i bought the sketchbook i mentioned in the last entry. doodled today and yesterday. its been really fun. i think my frustration with drawing is partially due to trying to draw people or my own characters since most people i know do that. im finding i really like drawing objects. i shall try more people later. maybe one day i even go crazy and master animals. 



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