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Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

Try to Keep it on the Down Low/Below me

Letters to an empty hospital bed,

Dripping from pages soaking carpets red,

I refused to help you up,

Cause you had fallen when you let me down

Accidents don't happen, like dreams you can't sleep off

Forget to forgive and live without reasons why,

Hanging on to you and everything I hate,

Switch to five speed, chase away my theories,

Believe everything you hear, upside down and blinking,

Distort the current spiral, like your jeans that held you closer than you ever let me,

Why did you wait for a stranger to spill your guts when I was here the whole time with a scalpel,

Involuntary wishing for lack of a better world,

The grass and the pavement know you better than I do now,

Your secrets were worth more than what you sold them for,

It took you longer than I thought to turn cold,

I only had hoped it wasn't the truth, something you never told.

-____Emmett xoxo when I realize it was me who abandoned everything, I didn't have the guts to stay, I'm sorry K., you deserved better.

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