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Ive felt a certain type of way about this for a while but I was reminded of it today and i have the time to complain so here we are. Im sick of these white boys with mental issues copping black artist pfps and adopting slang that i know they dont use at home to attack black art. I go through “hip-hop twitter” day after day and all i see are these people making the most ludicrous reactionary statements that i know even they cant possibly believe for the engagement of other self important hipsters because they’re insecure and need some system to use to feel like theyre important. We as a people really let the same band kids that would try and correct the teacher and be nasty to everybody and wonder why they have no friends have the biggest say over what does or does not pass go in the culture in terms of hip hop. I know this has been an issue since the early 2010s what with rap blogs and the like but at least there was less illusion about who was writing the reviews and it was on a much smaller scale. Now its anybody with a platform can go on twitter, pretend to be black, and leech off the culture to establish self worth, and have the audacity to think they have a say in matters of hip hop culture. Like what the fuck gives you, @rap, the right to speculate on whether or not you should still listen to Gunna, a black man who grew up in hell you couldnt begin to imagine, after he “snitched” to get his freedom back. Get the fuck out of my face this is why gatekeeping is necessary. Or the ones that’ve been tryna push this J Cole cornification agenda. Dont get me wrong its been a few years since ive listened to cole but how are you in this ill gotten position of influence over black teens gonna try to tear down the image of this man who got it out the mud and does nothing but try to unify the black community and start a conversation. I dont give a fuck if the nigga raps like hopsin thats not ur place to speak on. Thats like me tryna talk about why i dont like some gay author’s memoir because it wasnt nuanced enough and i didnt feel the oppression. Shits disgusting bro. And again im not even tryna be on no soapbox shit but oh my goodness its cancerous. And dont even get me started on the commodification of all of this thru tiktok creator fund which is hilarious seeing how some of these people identify themselves as radically left. Posers dawg. I knew this was bad when they made themselves the face of opium, a label which was supposed to be for black outcasts who had no real home. I could go on for forever about this but TLDR black culture esp music culture is being stolen, commodified, molded, and evaluated by so called allies who farm us to feed their own self importance and feel valued and its terrible. They should cut themselves or shoot themselves or something instead. Btw im not against speaking on what kind of music you like but its easy to tell the difference between the good and bad ones. Ex. Good (mostly): YandhiMemes Bad: Underground Sound

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