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My childhood friend said he liked me back then

He said he liked me back then when we were 13/14. I didn't view him this way and I don't do it now, but he was pretty cool. We stopped talking in 2018 because I changed schools, but he found my instagram account and we started talking. He told me that the girl we thought was pure angel actually was an asshole... I didn't like her because she used to be my best friend, but abandoned me when I was in a pretty shitty situation. Everyone treated her like she was amazing when she was actually not, I'm happy now.

o.b.s.: I'm editing this blog entry because I'm fixing the code. xoxo

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aww I wouldn't even know what to do with a confession like that because I needed to know I was liked back then lol. I do love those moments when I know someone has a dark side and other people finally realize it later on.

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I also didn't know how to reack lol, I said I was flattered because he is really smart and it's cool when smart people like you; and I was so happy to find out she showed who she was, I wish I was there just to see it happening

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