I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna install Gentoo

Now, this is something I've been meaning to do for a while, the only things preventing me from doing so being a combination of laziness and fear.

Well, that changes now. I got the VM, I got the ISO, I got the documentation, I got the time, the only thing stopping me now is that ever so persistent procrastination.

Today is the day. Today I lay down the groundwork for greatness and realize my true power.

Look, I gotta figure out how to these sorta things more effectively at some point anyway, might as well do it the fun way.

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best of luck! it becomes a long and arduous journey once you get to stage3 / the base install, but get past that hoop - and the five or six hoops after that, anyway - and it's smooth sailing.

(also for the love of all that is holy, do not fall for the rookie trick of using genkernel)

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n00b here: whats wrong with genkernal?

by JillTheSomething; ; Report

unless something's changed in the past couple'a years, manually configing just makes more sense from the perspective of optimization and minimized resource usage. sure, i can let genkernel compile a run-of-the-mill kernel with, for example's sake, a handful of sound card or network drivers - but why install multiple if i can just include the ones i know i need for my PC? (besides, it ultimately aligns more with Gentoo's de facto DIY nature :p)

by Ikoe; ; Report

I see. That makes sense. Probably there for absolute beginners who want to experience gentoo but arent there to customize it.

by JillTheSomething; ; Report

pretty much why it's there, yeah. the handbook lists it as an alternative means of configuration for anyone who thinks "manual configuration looks too daunting"

by Ikoe; ; Report