Jesus Christ Killed and Lied?

The text I'll be referring to is called the Infancy Gospel of Thomas. This is not a topic that is up for debate, as this information was found by visiting actual local churches as well as researching online and asking other people - even devout Christians who can attest to this being a real, actual document somewhere out there in the world.

Your way is not the only way, truth, and light, but one of many ways, truths, and paths.

This work was never considered part of the canon of scripture by orthodox Christians, so we can’t say it was part of the Abraham-Christian bible, or any that I know of at present. Anyway:

The Infancy Gospel of Thomas alleges that Jesus killed someone who bumped into him when he was just a boy, Jesus told the person they would go no further, and they dropped dead. He rose this other boy back from the dead and claimed that he was fine - implying that Jesus not only accidentally killed, but also lied about it. Another part of the text strongly implies that Jesus pushed a kid off a roof unintentionally.

The Infancy Gospel of Thomas was written by a Gnostic sect, so it was likely meant to portray Jesus under the ignorance and passions all humans struggle with prior to enlightenment.

When we learn that we are in Yahweh's image... do we mean that or are we trying to fool ourselves into thinking that we are perfect? Are we trying to do our best and learn and evolve as people... or are we deciding that Yahweh is not mature enough to be Lord?

Was Jesus not brought into this world in the flesh? We must stop thinking there is perfection where there isn't. Power does not equal perfection, power equals one's discipline over oneself... which upon growing older and wiser, Jesus realized he had to do. Jesus realized he needed to be responsible, otherwise many could end up hurt, as many were drawn to him.

Something to reflect on... what would Jesus think of how you treat others or yourself?

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The non-canonical gospels are many. Wikipedia has a great list of them and the canonical Gospels:

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jesus thinks im the baddest bitch alive

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