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Is I❤️horror gone [part 2]

This is part two of chasing and finding a 43 year old pedo

I didn’t really give a lot of evidence in part one, and if you didn’t see part one just Read it here seriously and if you don’t know who he is, there’s also link to someone else’s story about 43 pedo

So he was a really big Trump supporter

Yes, not surprisingly he was but in my opinion, I don’t care about your political beliefs or views But that’s disgusting. He’s acting like some seven-year-old that got TikTok or something like that  just friending anyone or following anyone he sees but yeah if you want screenshots for it, I’ll have some photos down at the end. They’re from xscream queenx. so people let’s get talking a bit more.

On the surface he seems like a nice guy, but in reality he is a pedo

I’m not jumping to conclusions I think everybody knows that and it’s not because people are just using common sense. It’s because it’s true, and too if he is still around, his IP should’ve got banned by An but I don’t know if An can do that because I know this website isn’t Roblox where they IP ban you if you say beans, or something like that

So I’m gonna end up here for now because I don’t have any thing else to say but I might do a part three to this and that part three might give a link to  43 Hunter group and if you don’t know who 43 is that’s what we call I❤️horror

The link To the photos is Here

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