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Do we know if I❤️horror is gone [part 1]

If you don’t know, know who i❤️horror is go to this blog entry by xscream queenx Here but know let’s get talking so we’re going to refer i❤️horror, as 43 because that’s how old he is

Well, 43 is an absolute Creep he tried to friend minors, which worked out his youngest one was 13 years old. That’s absolutely disgusting. 43-year-old friending a 13-year-old kid on some social media website that looks like my space from 2005 it’s disgusting like really disgusting when I was researching about it I was really mad. But I thought I was lucky at the same time because I’m lucky he didn’t try to friend me. I think his account was deleted when I created my account, so I had no risk of him ever showing up in my new friend request thing. 

But the one thing that really creeps me out is that he can still be lurking under a different username unless An IP banned him but I don’t really think he could do that but at the same time he’s the creator of the website so I think he can. so if he is lurking, we need to find him and then dimension from this website but at the same time if you were trying to be a creep weirdo on some website and got banned, would you go back? I have no idea but I think we should just end it here or maybe even make a group called the 43 hunters or something like that I don’t know so. I think we should just end it here unless he is back which wouldn’t really be that surprising if he is, let’s just keep our eyes out and if we find any Creep in our add friends, pop-up notification thing report the account, but to the most easiest way to get friend by him would be if you were a emo, so yeah emos keep your eyes out.


Your friendly parrallax


He’s definitely a pedo that’s pedo behavior so all I’m saying is probably stay away from him, but he could definitely be one of your friends.

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I appreciate the notice, thank you. *dropping kudos for the alerts.*

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This was from January 2022 but thanks for reading

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