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Happy New Year, 2023!

Honestly, I almost didn't write this post... but I think for personal reasons, I should. I've come to learn a lot about myself in the past few years, but 2022 was a bit... different. I learned about patience and near-loss. I learned about pronouns and social issues. I learned a little about politics and what I want to see in the world... but most of all, and I think this is far more important than anything I've learned: I've learned more about how to handle myself.

I've learned how to take some responsibility without beating myself up for it. I've learned how to gain respect by first offering it... by first giving it. I've learned how to treat others the way I want to be treated, and I've learned that times of panic are not good times to make decisions. I've learned how to be patient with myself and I'm still learning how to be patient with others.

I guess while everything was hard, financially, it was much easier on the psyche. It was a lot easier on the spirit. It's nice to see that a lot more people are... coming around, if that makes any sense to anyone else. What I'm glad to say though, wrapping up 2022 with a bow I found in a dumpster behind K-Mart... is good riddance.

Ever since COVID, it's like we'd reverted back a few stages. We're emerging victorious this year. Fighting through the forces that want to try and hold us back. We're going to try. This year is about putting myself first and listening to my own gut. Doing what pleases me and treating myself much better than I have been. I foresee weight loss, so here is hoping!

Happy New Year!

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