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hey guys, second day on spacehey and gotta say, im so popular. over 100 friends withing my first 24 hours is quite the feat. But this milestone is not the reason as to why i am writing my second entry this early into the day. 

I had a counseling appointment i finished about 30 minutes ago. Usually on the way back to school I get food because I miss my lunch period. Well today i got popeyes because i was craving the fries. I am the kind of person who finishes whats on my plate if its bought for me. I got a three-piece nugget and some fries and i chowed down. I have to eat relatively quick because im getting driven back to school. Well i finish eating, and all is good. I even got a few extra strips! Great, amazing, wonderful even. execpt its not great, awesome, or wonderful. I have not eaten food as greasy as popeyes in atleast a month so that was quite the surprise tp my stomach. Not only that, it was the only thing ive had put in my body at all. My stomach is in so much pain that its making my hands shake. I am finding it hard to put words together in my head, much less type them down for you all to see. 

i am in pain. I need to poop. I am bloated. I am probably dehydrated on top of all of this. The bell for 4th rings in a few seconds. goodbye. 

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You're so brocken and quirky. You're life is so insnae!

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