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this is day one, 

yes i am going to be that person and post silly little goofy diary entries everyday; why wouldnt I? this is a perfectly reasonable thing to do. I just joined spacehey today. not going to lie, i had to get used to calling it spacehey instead of heyspace, but its okay. I know nothing about code so i had to leech off of my friend and have them spend about 30-40 minutes helping me set up my page. I honestly dont know what i would do if you couldnt copy and past someone elses' code into your about you. I am very thankful for that. After the little introduction ans boost from my friend i spent another 2-3 hours making the dumpster fire that is my space (no copyright). 

20ish friends within my first 10 hours isnt bad. I hope ill get to add more people, i want to dominate this platform. at first i thought id be able to friend everyone, but i didnt think there were over 600,000 users at that time. Maybe i still can though , it might take a second.

I had lettuce wraps for the first time, they were great. I still taste them in my mouth, id be willing to eat those everyday for the rest of my life. 

I am so glad tomorow is friday, i dont know why but my body hasnt really fancied the idea of waking up at 6am lately. ive been sleeping in an extra 10-15 minutes a day everyday, which probably isnt great. 

im getting tired now. i just realized that this is a very healthy coping method, my counselor is going to be so happy. Goodnight, will probably keep posting  

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