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Omg these are dope!! I was just wondering how do u add them?

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hey! the code is
< img src=PASTE URL HERE >
(delete the spaces!) right click the blinkie & choose 'copy image url' to get the url to paste :)

by sarah ♡; ; Report

to clarify: only delete the spaces between the < and > tags, "img src" should still have that space!

by sarah ♡; ; Report

Omg thank u so much:D!!

by ♡MARS♡; ; Report


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How do you add blinkies on? I can not figure it out

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hey! sent you an IM with the code :)

by sarah ♡; ; Report


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thanks for this! <3

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𐐪 ellie ɞ

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obsessed with how organized u are, love your profile sm!!!

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adam! ☆

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bea B)

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THIS IS SOO COOL!! might use some

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omg some of mine r on here :3

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awesome, thanks :] !!

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is there one for stamps?

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can u make christmas ones?

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🐉 | FR3SH

🐉 | FR3SH's profile picture

This is a wonderful collection, thank you for this! :]
(+ You're welcome to add my self-made blinkies to your collection, preferebly with some form of link/credit)

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This might be a stupid question but how do you add these to your profile?

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not stupid at all! you can save the ones you like an upload them to another image host (i like to use imgbb but imgur is also popular!) lots of those hosts will pre-make an html code for you to embed them on your page. otherwise you can do it yourself directly by taking the direct-url of the images and put them in an image embed html code:

< img src = image url here >

(without the spaces)

by sarah ♡; ; Report


by Kai; ; Report


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very cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Gracias <3

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sick, tysm

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☆$l33z3 L@w33z🕱

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This is so fucking amazing! Thank you so much for this! <3

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ohman there goes my whole night looking through all these <3

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Im loosing my mind these are just so cute💕

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