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The blog entry

TW:// Child grooming & p*dophilia

The perpetrator is nonbinary, so they go by they/them pronouns

It has come to my attention that there is a groomer in our midst. Everything in this blog entry perfectly describes what has happened and the individual involved. 

For those who haven't heard, here is a summary I made for the article:

Is anyone aware of a user on SpaceHey by the name of DangeredWolf, a popular furry here on this website? Well, it turns out that Dangered had been making extremely nasty remarks and saying very disgusting things to two people who happen to be 14 years of age, while DangeredWolf themselves were 17-20 years old. 

They have been outed multiple times, but they're still active on SpaceHey...

The entire google doc that is presented in this blog entry has every piece of evidence regarding this creep's gross behavior, which include them asking for nudes from minors. 

It gets worse when you read on and notice that this sick fuck has been using the "I'm just seventeen!!!1!!" excuse for whenever they get called out for it. To rub salt into the wound, them and their friends have been trying to sweep all of this under the rug and pretend like DangeredWolf didn't do anything wrong. 

It is best recommended that the blog post I put up as the link be spread around to keep SpaceHey a safe place. 

I've always feared a time when someone would be so deplorable and awful to do something like this... Now, this nightmare has come true. Spread this blog post in any way you can, it doesn't matter who reads it. 

And DangeredWolf...

As a non-binary person myself, we hereby disown your ass for all the horrible shit you did. You have blood on your hands and trying your best to clean them off, but trying to keep it hidden to protect your reputation is not going to work. Everyone will find out eventually, and you will already be six feet under with all the other degenerate pieces of subhuman filth that inhabit this world.

And to any MAP, Pro-contact pedophile, Nonce, or anyone who thinks preying on minors is okay that reads this:

You people are fucking sick. i cannot express strongly and put into words how badly I want to kill and strangle every single one of you for thinking grooming minors is "normal" to you. You literally think that being a weirdo is a "sexuality" and thus you end up doing the same things as Dangered did here. You are a pack of heartless, hungry wolves that do nothing but burn, destroy, and kill anything that walks your path, and by "anything" I mean the innocence of others. Words cannot express how badly I want to eradicate all of you creeps because you have hurt me — both physically and emotionally. You don't care about love, you only care about satisfying your sick desires by exploiting the innocent and vulnerable... Fucking disgusting...

I honestly hope you people don't do this shit irl, because this is how future child rapists are born: through shit like this.


Dangered Wolf has now been suspended from SpaceHey. 

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Thank you for sharing. My network isn't that great so this helps tremendously. We will not be silent.

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No problem! I honestly hate it when people do something like this and no one seems to take action.

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