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Fuss & Misery

today my parents drove me and my brother out to our old town just a 45 minute drive away to see how things had changed. we had tacos and my family talked about their memories of living in the old neighborhood, which are mostly nonexistent for me since i was 7 when we moved. despite it not being much, i was beyond exhausted when we got home and am still burnt out. reminiscing is challenging. the day is already getting fuzzy in my memory. nights are getting longer and harder and i dont know why. just as i find my feet, i fall down another spiral.
i also waited for my class to start for ten minutes before remembering it was cancelled. this is the second day in a row all my classes have been cancelled. this means ill probably be extra busy with homework later on in the week. being homeschooled is confusing sometimes. my schedule is all over the place.

anyway, my spotify wrapped was interesting. my most listened to song was cartoon network by the black dresses and my most listened to artist was the scary jokes. i am in the top 0.05% of the scary jokes' listeners with 6,041 minutes listening to them. google says thats over 100 hours. pretty neat. i also listened to a lot of creep u, starstruck, community gardens, and im a freak cuz im always freaked out. i listened to cartoon network exactly 100 times. my top genres were vocaloid, indie pop, otacore, escape room, and weirdcore. i have 32,651 minutes spent on spotify and my listening personality is the devotee. pretty accurate i think since my whole thing is love.

i’m also trying to decide whether or not i should get my ears repierced. i really want to wear earrings, but my hair is always covering my ears and i can't stand tucking it back--its a sensory thing. i'm not sure it would be worth the money to buy earrings no one will ever see

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