The end is nigh for the bluebird and other Updates

Hey guys, Mason here. So Twitter is probably about to die so I'm going to be here and on Twitter ( as well, and if Twitter does die, I'll move back here. So yeah, that's fun.

Anyways, update time. I am moving out of Nacogdoches TX. I have dropped out of college here at SFA because I have found it just isn't for me. I'm probably going to move to Hemphill TX, I have some family there so hopefully moving there works out. With that being said, my SFA Elevator Simulator will no longer be updated, I know I was going to do an Update 2, but I've barely even started it so I probably will not finish it either. I will probably move on to a generic elevator sim project involving elevators based on real designs, such as Dover Impulse and Thyssenkrupp Aurora or whatever, but they will not be modeled after actual elevators (for the time being that is; I might take notes and reference pics of Elevators I do ride in the future for use in my simulator but I might not, we'll see).

Also, I will be updating the blog page on my website ( to link to my SpaceHey blogs rather than being its own standalone page. I will still have a link to archives of my blog up there though.

So yeah, I'm looking forward to moving and starting a new life in a new town! I'll keep y'all posted.

Anyways, that's it for now.


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