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Spacehey is buggy.

the "posted on:" and "expires on:" don't show up properly, the font's wrong, there's a random blank line above all the comments and the shop page gives you a 403 (forbidden access)

if this continues to be broken i'm officially moving to myspace46.

hopefully this is temporary, but if it isn't, you know where i'll be.

edit: removed my profile details since there's 2 (two) people on here that are actually alright and they're not moving so i dont wanna bring the creeps with me

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hey, sorry about these issues!
It's the first time I'm hearing about these bugs... could you please send me a few screenshots and more details so I can fix them?
Thanks a lot!

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I've sent an email to with some screenshots, hope this helps! Thanks for being cool

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Thanks a lot! Will have a look at it!

by An ; ; Report