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i still mis him

i still mis him and i find no shame in that even though time passed and i met new people  new memories i won't forget i can't shake him of weird isn't it but the longer i don't see him the bigger the "moment'' is going to be right? but do i want that him ever back no so now youré probably thinking then what are you complaining about just get over it i tried i really did im still doing it every single day i realised that true happines comes from moving on and let things be but the stupidest part of me want him to just see me because if been ignored for so long and yes silence is the answer that's why i haven't maked a fool of myself and moved on and put myself with people that make me happy it's been almost a year since my heart got broken i got my answers in my dream my final conversations felt nice to have closure and the truth for once even though i know im never going to get it from them i have a feeling about new years something will happen will it have something to do with him? there only one way to find out and just experience it right? 

i met someone a really nice boy very cute only a terible name haha herman it sound  old doesn't it can't get him out of my find for 2 days right now little crush can do no wrong right? im trying to get his snapchat cus i forgot to ask im not a pussy in asking snaps i just forgot

ps i feel like a failure cus i can't move on 

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