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Dear ML,

I've fought hard over the past two months. I lost myself and a dear friend, though looking back, you wouldn't know it. Brainwashing is a powerful thing and I had no idea I was so susceptible. I had no idea that for most, if not all of my life, I had been coerced into believing things that were not true, presenting a personality that was not mine. Well, no wonder my head was always so tumultuous. 

I'm telling you this because during my fight, during my escape, memories of you were lost. Or, perhaps not lost. Perhaps right now I am someone else and those memories will come back to me. I can't say for sure. My affliction might have been part of the reason we're apart now. I only want you to know this so that you understand that I'm finally free. We can walk together now, if you're willing. If you're free too. Even without my memories of you, I still see your face and wish we were together. My heart still hurts at our separation.

Forever yours, Hypatia

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