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story time from yours truly <3

forward: there's gonna be a mention of drugs, more specifically pills. you have been warned. 

I was in 8th grade, chillin on the grass with my friend. My friend looks at me and hands me this brown glass bottle with square shaped white pills and tells me to hold them. I decide take one, then started playing with another pill in my hand. My friend then takes the bottle back, takes one, and she starts playing with the bottle. We're sitting around and talking, nothing really "kicking in" as I'd expected. 

The schoolyard supervisor comes up to us and confiscates the bottle of pills and writes us up. I'm shitting my pants, and we're trying to come up with something we could use as an excuse. My friend wouldn't tell me the name of the pill or what it was, only leaving me with a devious smirk. I'm scared shitless at this point. The bell rings, and we both go back to class. 

An hour later, I get called into the principle's office. She looks at me and my friend and asks what we were doing. I said I was just holding the bottle, and my friend was just replying "Idk" to all the questions she was asking. I get taken in for further questioning, and I go with the story that I just held the bottle. The principle pulled out a police report and stated that she would have to fill one out if I didn't comply, but I stuck to my story and held out. She gets the phone and notifies my mom. She puts the report paper away and says that I shouldn't hold anything for anyone, especially at like airports and shit. Luckily the phone goes to voicemail, and I knew that my mom doesn't check her voicemail so I was basically saved. 

I get sent back to class, and the day goes on as normal.  There's an after hours school event so I help the ASB decorate for that. I feel nothing from the pill previously ingested, and ask my friend again what it was. She decided that she had her fun, and just told me that it was papaya extract (used for indigestion). Relieved, I go home, eat a snack, and come back to school with my dad. The principle notices me with my dad, and she calls us over. The principle proceeds to tell my dad how I had drugs in my possession and was HUSTLING THEM THROUGH MY SCHOOL. I'm fucking floored by this. My dad turns to me with that "what the fuck" face, and I proceed to tell him what actually happened. I told him that it was papaya extract, and that nothing really happened besides me holding the bottle. He believed me and turned to the principle fuming with anger.  

He went over to the principle and cussed her out in front of EVERYONE. He said words that I didn't even know existed, and told her what an ass she was for putting me through such a "traumatizing event". She apologized and backed up by saying that it was just "school policy" and that whole bullshit. He threatened her and called her every nasty name in the book after she said that. 

TL;DR: I got caught with papaya extract at my school, principle got mad, made a big deal out of it. Told my dad I was moving drugs throughout my school, dad had none of. it and yelled at her in front of the entire school. 

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