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Who is that marshmallow?

So there's this goofy cartoon marshmallow I made in order to help me re-learn drawing after multiple years of no drawing. She's the simplest solid shape I came up with, so I gave her a goofy face and a goofy name.

Her sole purpose is to make me laugh, and that she does!

Squishy is sorta like a tamagotchi, but I'm unsure how she levels. Currently she's level 3 meaning she has eyebrows and arms now for more emoting madness. My icon is Squishy at her level two stage, which is her goofy squishy face and L's for legs.

I chose Squishy to be a marshmallow because marshmallows are squishy and they always bounce back, sorta like me. I'm very squishy HAHA.

She has a friend! I'm not sure how to post pics on here, but she has an existential crisis watermelon friend named Splat. So named because that's the sound created when you throw a watermelon at a wall. Splat is level one because it's literally just a watermelon with a face drawn on it. Maybe next level it gets arms or something.

All or most of my pictures of Squishy are done in paint with a mouse. I have a tablet but it's missing most of it's parts so now it's just a useless block under my desk until I'm able to find the rest of the parts.

I don't take any of the goofy stuff I draw seriously; it's all purely for giggles even if I'm the only one laughing. I also participate in goofy non-Squish related drawings such as the throwing motion followed by a curse, a washing machine with something inside of it going spinny, and an egg hatching. It's not really art as much as it is ridiculous inside jokes.

I hope Squishy and any other Food Friends to be can make you giggle.

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