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As I sit here stressing along with my boyfriend trying to get him another job because I messed up by not getting him to work from his other job he had which was 14 an hour but he could of moved up though and had a full time job and made 16 an hour. I was doing so good getting him into work every day waking up at five in the morning made sure he got there by six. Once my ears clogged up and I couldn't hear which was very irritating and had so much pressure build up in my ear it went to my sinuses and gave me lots of headaches. Called my primary care doctor place up to see if I could make an appointment to see my doctor which her name is Gina but sadly she was booked so they gave me Dr. Lundy very nice guy but people did not like him at all. Funny I should mention this but my doctors place is called Lundy's Family Practice. Dr. Lundy checked my ears which both were clogged and so he gave me some ear drops which were order through CVS but my health insurance didn't pay for that one its an over the counter medicine which was 7 bucks plus tax not bad of course what health insurance would pay for something that's a OTC. If there is never heard of it. I went back for an ear flush which was even that bad like I thought it would be just a big syringe that goes in your ear canal but not far in to where you can bust your ear drum. I felt mostly pressure but I saw my ear wax that was build up in my ears my god it was gross but cool to see how much was blocking it I am like to myself wow for that tiny bit of ear wax in both of my ears was clogging me yup. I was happy I cool hear again that's I wanted to do was hear again. I walked right out the door and told my boyfriend Rocco is his name that I could hear again but my left ear was clogged so later on I called them back up told me that it was water stuck in there it will come out on its own. Eventually my right ear finally is able to pop but my ;eft ear still working on that one. I still hear better then ever and now I know what I have to do when I want to wash my hair or my face just wear ear plugs so water and soap don't get into my ears and sit there and build up wax that does not belong in my ear. I know ear wax is good for your ear it keeps bugs and stuff for entering your ear to cause harm to your ear drum. After having my ears done being clogged and having anxiety from it with my arm hurting me too and no sleep what so ever still to do this day I am suffer with it a little bit. Right now I been suffering with my mental health mostly anxiety and being afraid to sleep. My mom told me as I was growing up I have no heart issues. Even though every time my arm hurts or hands start to fall sleep I think the worse like heart attack but its not its just anxiety or because I get cold easily too. I am so under weight that I get cold so easily. I been struggling with my weight and I now I know why I am unbalanced form being off of birth control. So hopefully when I start to take it I will be back on track and weight back up again too. 

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